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    How Bitcoin ATM works

    STEP 1

    Enter your phone number, And then enter the verification code that has been sent to it.

    STEP 2

    Choose whether you need to buy or sell bitcoin.

    STEP 3

    scan your digital wallet QR code , if you don't have any digital wallet Click here.

    STEP 4

    Insert the cash into the machine.


    Click the confirmation button.

    Frequently asked questions

    How can I increase my daily purchasing limit?
    You can raise your daily purchasing limit by submitting the necessary documents through this link: here.
    Where are your Bitcoin ATMs located?
    To find the nearest Bitcoin ATMs to your location, please visit our locations page.
    Why haven't I received my Bitcoin yet?
    Please allow for a brief processing delay for your recent transaction. You can monitor its progress by accessing your transaction history.
    How can I get support?